Molly and 'Volu'

Benevolent Blends started with the goal of providing bug relief to my sensitive colt, Benevolence.  My goal was to help him be present and comfortable.  As I was researching oils that would help with bugs, I began learning about their other benefits.  This led to making custom blends, or Pony Potions, for my friends.  The feedback has been amazing.  With encouragement and the help of some very special animals, I took the plunge to provide these blends for you.   

What I’ve learned is that essential oils do much more than provide sensory experiences.  When used topically, essential oils have properties that can help reduce inflammation, improve circulation, and fight off bacteria and fungus.  Additionally, essential oils calm the nervous system and support us energetically through change and learning. 

I’ve worked with horses and dogs for over 30 years and seen how our human expectations can affect them both physically and emotionally.  I created each Benevolent Blend to provide healing and support for the challenges that come along on our journeys together.

These blends were created with the help of some awesome animals. We hope you enjoy!


-Molly & and her critters (‘Volu’ and Nora)

Nora and Smith - Photo by Jane Izard


*Product descriptions and suggested uses are for informational purposes only.  Always consult your Veterinarian for medical advice and diagnosis. For External Use ONLY.